Training cum Awareness Programme on Menstrual Health & Hygiene among the school going ST Girls

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

In collaboration with Cultural Research Institute (CRI, Govt. of WB) & Ministry of Tribal Affairs (Govt. of India), EARDS organised “Training cum Awareness Programme on Menstrual Health & Hygiene among the School going ST girls of West Bengal”.

The programme was held on 11th November 2109 at Jhargram District. 400 ST Girls attended the programme. During this event, EARDS made free distribution of sanitary napkins, soaps, toothpaste, tooth brush, notebook, pen etc. to the tribal girls. The research scholars of CRI, Physicians, Teachers, Scientists, Experienced persons attended the event. They communicated with the adolescent’s girls about Menstrual Health & Hygiene through discourses and power point presentations. During the event, a sense of awareness was propagated by distribution of leaflets and by means of posters and flex.

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